Sunday, April 17, 2011

Notes prepared on Developmental Psychology and Personality & Motivation for PG Psychology Students of Madras University

Click Here to download the Complete Notes prepared on Personality & Motivation. Developmental Psychology.

For Developmental Psychology, you have notes except lessons 1 &2.

Due to professional committments, I could not completely prepare all the notes for Personality and Motivation Paper. However attached are the notes which cover lessons1, 8,9,11 & 12.

Personality Psychology is a fascinating subject. I feel what you have got in your text book does not seem to subscribe my idea. Personality psychology has very significant contributions to many applied sides of psychology such as Counselling, Training & Development, Human Resources and Psychological Assessments. I suggest you to read at least one book on Personality psychology to find its real application.

The one I recommend is "Personality Psychology- a student centered approach" by Jim McMartin-Sage Publication. Fortuantely I have a photo-copy of the book, if you want it, please contact Prof. Jeyakumar (he is busy with his son's marriage) or any one who would get the book from me and distribute the photocopies to you. Please look for free e-books online on personality psychology.

I thank Mr. N. Jeyaprakash who gave me the Personality & Motivation book to prepare the materials.

I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to learn more by teaching you the subjects-Personality & Motivation and Developmental Psychology.

Get back to me if you have any doubts.I know I am responsible. Please keep me informed about exams and your performance.

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dear sir
can i get more notes for all the subjects covered in forst year syllabus