Monday, May 31, 2010

“Collaboration is like parenting, Task is like our child”

"Comparing Collaboration with Team Work and Tasks with Children"

  • Due to the problems within the parents, child may be spoilt.
  • Children are precious. Parents are identified to the society by the children.
  • In spite of individual differences and conflicts, objective is very important.
  • Collaboration is not a solution to solve interpersonal conflicts.
  • Thinking of Here & Now.
  • Hate the Behavior and not the Person. Everyone deserves the respect.
  • We have some unwritten rules of collaboration. In case people don’t know them, they have to be clearly written. Any deviation from the rules has to be taken into account.
  • One can show individuality in the collaboration but it should not obstruct others’ hard work and individuality.

For Counseling Psychologists:

First of all, counseling is a collaborative relationship between the counselor and the client.

Counseling is done better when it is collaborated with other counselors, Psychiatrists and General Physicians. To provide social and economic support to the clients, we need to collaborate with NGOs Social Workers, Lawyers and many other professionals. Let us think that everyone stated above are our fellow professionals and we have to protect them. Everyone has ignorance and knowledge about something and something else.That’s why best things work as Collaboration like in Christian Medical College, Vellore and TTK, Chennai.

‘How to work with a team of professionals’ is the part which is missed in the syllabus of Counselling Psychology in Madras School of Social Work!!

Presented with a Role Play for Training & Development Paper by Karthik Lakshmanan

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